2 Feb 2011

Little little movie

I've had a little bit a computer dip today (loooot's of troubles with USB-sticks and stuff like that).
But I had to work with it for school.
And now I'm over my computer dip and I made a little movie of Ruby and me in Düsseldorf. I hope you'll enjoy!

Hmm the original quality was a lot better. Sorry for that!


  1. Hihi, wat grappig. Dat muziekje XD
    Liefs, xxx

  2. That was wonderful! What a fun look at the two of you. I'm enjoying it immensely (watched it 3 times already).

  3. eheheh so cooool! it reminds me one I made like that last september in london! Love to do these things! u are 2 cute girls!!! kisseees =)*

  4. Vetlollig!
    En zohee, je eigen filmcrew ^^

  5. hey, waarom deed ik zo op het einde XD


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