5 Feb 2011

Melissa Dream

Last night I dreamed about Melissa shoes. There was a shop full of them on sales prizes. And they where all so beautiful ! (Designed by my dream ;) I tried many of them and they fitted great. But I somehow forgot to buy a pair. Luckily I know my size, I thaught. When I woke up I was still happy that I knew my size so I could buy them online.

Yeah right. Keep on dreaming Siel.

Aren't they amazing? :)
And these are my al time favourites:

picture by tokiobanhbao

By the way there are some sales on their website !


  1. Schoenen, schoenen en nog meer schoenen. <3
    Liefs, xxxx

  2. omg omg baby u gotta go see my last post!! ah ahah ahahah this is so beyond funny!!!!! (great choice of pairs!!!) :D omg... melissas are like an obsession to me!

  3. loves the white boots with the black bow!


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