24 May 2011

Knowing me knowing you

It always amazes me how people know me.
My family knows me as a very lazy person that knows a lot about art. A few weeks ago I was on monitor camp and there I was the calm one, the person to whom you could go if there were problems. And at school we had a little improvisation time where I had to be the philosopher, the person who questions everything. A perfect role for me they said.
While I really am the same person.

And further I wanted to show you this. They are both pictures from the Billboard Awards.
Not that I had ever heard of the event, but I liked checking the outfits. There were two that attracted my attention immediately.

I don’t know why, but Michelle Williams’ outfit attracts me. I like the cut of the dress and she looks amazing with it.

Rihanna on the other hand is just.. I don’t know how to say it. Amazing, awesome, stunning :)
The strong combination of the red and white or the combination of the cut of the blouse with the blaze and of course the white on white combination!

Oh men you have no idea how I’m struggling to express my feelings in English xD

source: girlscene.nl


  1. Rhianna looks amazing, classy and chic ♥

    Eda ♥


  2. Ze zijn allebei erg leuk!

  3. Wit staat rihanna echt heel goed.
    Liefs, xxx

  4. Wauw Rihanna!
    Ik ga helemaal akkoord :D

  5. Wauw Rihanna ziet er echt wel goed uit!

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  7. Love both of their chic style as well! :D


  8. Love both of their chic style as well! :D


  9. Haha, ik ken dat gevoel van worstelen met je Engels. Ik doe aan postcrossing (super leuk! www.postcrossing.com). Soms weet ik precies wat ik op een kaart wil zetten, maar kom ik er in het Engels nauwelijks uit en ben ik bang dat het op de ontvanger veel anders over komt dan ik bedoelde.


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