20 May 2011


Every day is unique. It will be only once the twentieth of May and only once the twenty-first of May.
Isn't it extraordinary that we experience so many unique days in our life?
And isn't it quit weird that I still wonder about that while I've experienced it so many times?

Wednesday we went to Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (with some others), while Ruby actually saw it Monday with her sister (She won tickets to the première, so cool!)
And today is my parents marriage anniversary. I gave them a little breakfast in bed before I left to school this morning.
This evening I'm off to the Belgian coast for three days. I hope for nice weather!
Enough about me.

I'm going to show you an amazing brand: Lulu Guiness. I first saw one of her umbrellas on Kaya's blog and discovered the brand later.

 1. £450
2. £425
3. £215
4. £125 (the bag with the lashes)
5. £55
6. £450
7. £225
8. £225 (purple lips clutch)
9. £275
10. £32
11. £32

Quit expensive indeed, but isn't it amazing?
I am seriously doubting about the bird cage umbrella

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Die tas is zo mooi. Heel creatief.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. The bag with the lashes - SO CUTE!


  3. You got great points there, that's why I always love checking out your blog.

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  4. Bedankt voor jullie bezoekje!

    Ruby, wat leuk dat je ook hier blogt!

    Mooie spulletjes zijn dit!

    Goed weekend!


  5. Wat zitten hier schattige dingetjes tussen zeg!

  6. Jaa, die paraplu (vogelkooi) sprong er voor mij ook echt uit! Zeker doen! Die is echt super!


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