13 May 2011

What is happening?

Blogger is acting really weird!
I made a new post yesterday and it was publicised al ready, there where comments!
And it all dissapeared.
Really annoying :(

-edit: And now it's back, everything is oke :)-


  1. It could have an been extraordinary volume of use. Also Facebook tried to smear Google and there is some kind of legal stuff going on about it so I wouldn't rule out some kind of dirty tricks. It was probably only a temporary glitch. Blogger is generally really good.
    I guess I'm lucky. I just (finally) did a new post titled "A Briefs Update Part 1" on blogger. It was a large complicated post and everything worked beautifully. Sorry I've been away from blogging and commenting for so long. Love your blog.

  2. Wat vervelend. Ik ben blij dat ik sinds kort van blogger af ben dan.
    Liefs, xxxx

  3. Oh zo leuk :D
    Ik wil het jurkje wel eens zien!


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