5 Oct 2011


Yes I'm still alive !

Many things have happened.
I'm living in a whole other city right now, I'm going to a totally different school and have many free hours. But my mind is getting overwhelmed by al those new things and mass theory.
Hmm let's be a little clearer.
I started a my first year as university student in Gent, it's all quit exciting but I'm tired of all those new things. And I haven't got a camera of my own (I stole my father's mostly) so the only thing I can give is some crappy webcam shit. But hey, it's something :)

Today's school outfit:
pants, jacket Steps - shirt H&M - bag Cowboysbag - shoes River Island - necklace vintage

And yes I coloured my hair again lately! (I dye it monthly)
I'm noticing the henna layers make it more and more dark and no longer flashy orange xD luckily


  1. Ik vind die broek en die schoenen echt heel erg leuk.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. amai! Echt een supper leuke look :D

  3. Haha nee, nog geen last van gehad :D
    Mooie broek!


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