8 Oct 2011

Like a red rag to a bull

Yesterday I felt like a red rag to a bull with my little red skirt.
The weather was less nice then the days before and many dark winter coats appeared -so did mine. And then there was that red accent. Every male person I passed fixed his eyes on me.
Are boys really like bulls? Do they always get attracted by red things? It was a really weird phenomenon.
Maybe a good tip for the temptresses under you? Although they probably knew that fact already :)

jumper with shoulder details JBC - circle scarf V&D - red skirt H&M - my beloved booties River Island - earrings from a little shop in Rotterdam


  1. Ooh, leuk!
    Spot ik daar een belgische vlag?

  2. Wat een leuk truitje <3
    Liefs xxx


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