27 Feb 2012

Presents, presents, presents!

It was my (Siel) birthday last week! :)
Now I can say Ruby and I are both 19 at the moment. Yes, officially two years of adulthood. Though most musea in Belgium will cost me €1 instead of free entrance. (Take a look at that, other countries!)
Anyway we had an amazing time celebrating it this weekend with friends! It felt a bit the same like last Halloween, minus the decoration of course.
And the most amazing presents where gifted! I wasn't expecting any actually, which made it even better. Selfish as I am, I'm gonna show you them :D

These great ones where from my godfather and aunt. The blue ones in the corners are made by my aunt and I've chosen the other jewellery out of my niece's shop June.
(I'm especially in love with with the yellow lilies!)

And amazing stuff from my friends!
The best present was from Ruby. A bowl filled with chocolate Easter eggs (chocolate, always good!) and hidden make-up. Check the Dior addict lipstick, amazing! And dark blue nailpolish (for some reason it always attracts me) and the glittery version of Chanel's rouge noir polish!
But the very best I'd got was the camera! Finally my own reflex camera :D

In short, we had an amazing weekend! How was yours? :)


  1. I love the little yellow earrings! The chocolates look delicious!

  2. Wow 1 euro!! Als ze dat idd hier in Holland deden :P zou ik alle musea al gezien hebben. Leve de vakanties en ov weekkaarten. Van harte gefeliciteerd en wat een leuke kadootjes!

  3. Nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Je hebt leuke cadeaus gekregen!

  4. woah, so colourful! looks great :)
    such a nice blog. how about, following each other? :>

  5. Nog gefeliciteerd! Leuke foto's meiden!

  6. love the pictures!!


  7. Nog gefeliciteerd!
    Wat een leuke dingen :)


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