5 Feb 2012


Helloooo Net-a-porter sale!
No, again not an advertorial :) I just love strumbling around on that site and when I saw these amazing items it felt as my duty to tell you that it's still sale over there . Take a look at my instant shopping tips and personal favourites!


1. Let's start at the top with an amazingly half see-through pink shirt from Ksubi reduced from €101 till €40 now. I think it would be even better upside down, in which I mean see-trough at the bottom and non-see-trough at the top. So you don't have to where a top underneath if you don't want everybody to have a look at your bra for instance.
2. Underneath we find a gorgeous basic top perfect for days when your in a hurry or maybe a bit lazy. This lovely top is from Splendid and comes from €95 and is yours for €48.
3. Then in the middle there are two tops I fell deeply in love with. I discoverd that I love drapy things with thiny straps. Enough about expanding my self. The disadvantage about this cute top is the back. It has some sort T-strap in the back which is very unflattering and I highly detest. So I wont recommend this top, but I do love the front. :) This top from Helmut Lang was originally €270 and now affordable for €180.
4. The black top on the right side of the middle stands above on my wishlist. I even almost bought it, which means a lot if you know I hardly buy online. It is from T-bags from €167 to €33. Oh man, if I wasn't saving for a trip to Paris and a camera I would immediately bought, possibly.
5. Then we arrived at the right side finally. Oh this sounds wired. I hear what I'm typing in my head at the same time (don't you do that too sometimes?), and hear wright side constantly. That's stupid of course. But damn you English, why does it sounds the same? It's annoying me! I currently forget the fact that we have that in Dutch too on purpose. Back to the clothes, above we have a great colourblock sweater with eh no sleeves I notice now. Please imagine them. This knit from Joseph is perfect for eh ... I was going to say winter, but it looks so thin; and then I was going to say spring, but those are not spring colours. Well let's say it's perfect for autumn! (?) Buy it now and hang it in you closet for a month of 7, yay! It was originally €340 and now available for €170. Pff I'd say forget about the sweater. It isn't worth it. (See I'm not advertising! If I would, I wouldn't discourage you.)
6. At least there is a gorgeous white see-through top, which is actually very similar to my black one from F21. But that has a hole in it al ready, unfortunately. So either you could buy this white one from Inhabit reduced from €309 till €62 now, and have reliable quality (I guess). Or you could buy it in black from F21 for about €40 and safe €20 but risk some holes.

And sorry for this overtalking mood. I just saw a season of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper might have influenced me. Though I strongly doubt about the fact he would be interested in the nonsense I'm talking about. I hope I'm not annoying you. I think I don't actually. If you've come so far that you're still reading I would rather call you very brave and encourage you to keep reading, and most of all: make a comment, so I know somebody have read it all. And gee, I'm chattering again!

1. I don't know if you've noticed it but this is the dress version of top numero 4. And if you would be familiar with the fact I've wanted a black maxidress for a while, you'd ask me why haven't bought it yet. And to tell you the truth, I have no idea, I love it! So, this dress is also from T-bags and is reduced from €208 till €42. A bargain, if you'd ask me.
2. In the middle there is one goooorgeous jumpsuit with sheer polkadots, yay! Or rather polkadots on sheer. Doesn't matter, it's beautiful. This beauty is from Alice by Temperley and was €529 at first, and now €265.
3. Then at the (w)right side on top there is an amazing tregging, which makes me regret the choice of my Christmas present which was a voucher for some internet shopping (with a budget sadly). And the big reason: Cause it is a Michael by Michael Kors and comes from €125 and is now sold for a tiny €25 !! (Please don't buy, there is an iniminni small chance I'll change my mind and decide to buy it)
4 - 5. These are the type of pants which I'm desperately looking for. Something went wrong with the editing (again) and they're too tiny to see properly, so I will keep it short. The jeans one is from Current Elliot €208 -> €83 and the white linen from J.Crew €75 -> €30.

1. A cute orange skirt with eye-catching pockets in front from knitwear queen Rykiel for Sonia by Sonia Rykiel  coming from €290 to €125 now. I particularly love the way of combining it with a white blouse.
2. Next is the pinky thing in the middle. I loved those things when I was a kid! It's a skirt and shorts at the same time. No idea if there is a word for it in English (probably there is), but translated from Dutch I will call it a pantsskirt. No kidding, that's how we call it. Oh and I almost forgot, it is from Rag & Bone and was €315 and is €60 now (!)
3. The black silk satin skirt is very very beautiful. If I ever had an occasion to wear it, I would buy it immediately. It won't be a surprise that this little miss perfect is designed by Lanvin, the expert in des vĂȘtements chique. Though the model of the skirt slightly reminds me at Vivienne Westwood's skirts. Anyhow this beauty is yours for €181 instead of €605.
4. On the right side, at the top is cute beach dress, perfect for summer if you'd ask me. And because the print might be too small to see you will have to take my word when I say it is gorgeous. This typical Missoni is available for €397 instead of €795
5. Then bikini numero uno at the left with a great summerprint is from Zimmerman and was €173 and is now €69. Mm I'd love to wear that on a beach in I don't know, the Caribbean or something.
6. Bikini numero due has a terrific aztec print. Love to wear them too on that Caribbean isle! I present you a Mara Hoffman coming from €205 reduced to €82

1. And yet again my editing skills failed. But for the change, I was aware of these but I was too lazy to do something about it. My apologises. These metallic beauties are from Alexander Wang and would be lying in my closet at the moment if I had the budget for it, which counts for all of these actually, obviously. Buy them for €220 instead of €550
2. The silver metallics have a stunning shape. It assumes a combination of pumps and sandals while they are clearly the last one. Stunning, like I said. Get these Jimmy Choo's for €270 instead of €675.
3. Then at the end some pair of awesome Maison Martin Margiela's. You might get some stares though, people will be confused if they're see-through or not. I was definitely! But after extensive research I declare them non-see-through. And while you're checking it (cause you obviously didn't believed me) watch the weird sole! These little babies come from €885 and are now available for €265.
4. Finally the end, the last item! (Sorry it's getting a bit late over here). This necklace is from Kenneth Jay Lane, whom appeared to be my favourite jewellery designer on net-a-porter. I mean that literally, almost every time I like some jewellery there it's from KJL. I have that on Asos too, with their own brand actually, which is kinda annoying cause it's their biggest brand, which means I like almost everything, which means I can never decide! Anyway, this gorgeous statement necklace is just €29 (say whut!) and comes from €143.

So, that's all! Enough beautiful stuff for today.
Bye !

PS I am aware of the fact that I used way too much adjectives. Sorry for that.


  1. These are lovely outfits. The designs and styles were gorgeous.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  2. Wauw, superleuke dingen!

    Zou je mijn blog bij je links willen zetten? Als je een berichtje achterlaat op mijn blog, zet ik je ook bij mijn links :)

  3. Gorgeous selection ! Nice to discover your blog and you girls !


  4. Die schoenen zijn leuk!! Oeee:)

    X Pris

    Ps: nieuwe giveaway op mijn blog!!

  5. I am diggin everything about this post! Great tips ;)


    Ps-Thanks for your lovely comment-->As for athletic inspired pieces being a trend for spring, it was incorporated in almost every collection for this coming season (two of my favorites being Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim)! Also I am now following you on bloglovin if you would like to do the same? :)

  6. Lovely, i like so much your blog.


  7. Adore the shoes so much!


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