29 Feb 2012

Beauty Preparations

This weekend we're going to Paris Fashion Week, which means: outfit issues!
I had a hard time choosing make-up. Which would you pick?
And you see a little sneak peek of my outfits besides :)

Kiko 1 (black)
Collistar 18 Nero Lurex
YSL La Laque 34 Black Tulipe (my favourite lately)
American Apparel Neon Red
Dior Addict 991 Perfecto - Catrice pastel delight C03 Vibrant Violet
YSL Rouge Volupté 2 Sensual Silk -MAC Viva Glam VI - MAC Lustering
And these where the lovely present I got from Ruby. She knows me so well! These are the best present ever! The claw necklace was for Christmas :)

Once more trying to get the colour correct, but I failed. The stunning shade of the lipstick needs daylight.


  1. haha 'and no i won't react on please follow me reactions', amen sister. Zoveel om uit te kiezen! have so much fun!!

  2. Wat een mooie lakjes en lipsticks.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. Ik ben echt suuuppper blij dat je er bij mee bent! Eeeeen je kan super overweg met de camera :)

  4. Wat een mooie producten zeg! Ik ben echt jaloers!

  5. Wat een gave nagellakjes!

  6. hard to choose, cuz all of them are perfect ! :)

  7. omgggg PFW :) lucky girlssssss <3


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