27 Nov 2012

Saturday's adventure

First of all, the Karen Millen dress was the lucky winner of my dress dilemma. It was just perfect for the gala. For a change I combined it with gold this time. A golden hair clip, golden vintage earrings, a brown vintage necklace with golden details and the same bag as last time guided my way through the party. The party was great, and I might have drank a little bit too much, but nevertheless I had an amazing time. Unfortunately the pics turned out rather bad. In other words, my face turned out rather bad on the pics. :p And you can't see any details. Anyway, here is a glimp!

But that wasn't what I wanted to talk about. Last Saturday I went to Amsterdam, like I said in the previous post. It was some sort of a school trip, not obligated, but recommended. The professor and my student union arranged a bus and early in the morning we left Ghent.  All my classes are in the afternoon this semester and I'm not a morning-person at all, so it was kinda strange for me get up that early. The city was still dark and quiet and it was extremely foggy, what gave it a mystique atmosphere. The drunk passenger who rave out incomprehensible nonsense somehow contributed to that.
After a two and a half hour ride I was surprised to see that it was still foggy! Nothing more mysterious then entering a "new" place when it's foggy, and you only see tops of buildings emerging.

First of all we went to the brand new EYE museum, and saw an interesting exhibition about experimental film. Probably because of the fog again, but it looked so much like a space ship!

Some impressions of Amsterdam...

Notice the huge bathtub above? That's the second museum we went to, het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. I was truly amazed by the artists they displayed. All the big names of modern and contemporary art history were represented! From Monet till Mondriaan, Malevitch, Braque, Picasso, Appel, Warhol, Pollock, Newman, Judd and so on.

Afterwards I shot some quick outfit pics, just to please you, cause I was tired as hell! We arrived around 10.30 P.M. in Ghent again.

cardigan Mer du Nord - dress Monki - necklace gift from Ruby

And finally, my boughts! Yes, we had some spare time, and I had loved to go die hard shopping, but unfortunately my friend isn't as addicted to shopping as I am. No hard feelings, everybody has their own interests and I didn't want to push her. Though I was dying a little when I passed Weekday. I'm so glad we didn't passed Monki, that challenge would have been too big! Anyway, I'm certain that I want to go back soon. Maybe in February after my exams? Friend C talked about it with Ruby and me, and I must say, now I definitely wanna go !

Back to Saturday. We did go to some store and I managed to buy some useful stuff. Oh, I'm always so happy when I buy useful things. First we crossed Options, a contemporary department store which I read about before on belmodo.tv. They had some awesome stuff but my heart especially skipped a beat when I saw their Hurraw! lipbalm collection. Ever since I read about the effect of mineral oil in lip balm I wanted one without it. Buying one online was a little too much effort and I couldn't find any in Belgium, even good old The Body Shop disappointed me. On misslipgloss.nl I read about those ecologic Hurraw! lipbalms, and they looked perfect. So that's how I ended up with this little guy.

We also went to Waterstones, an awesome English bookstore that I also went to last time. But last time I was too full of doubt about buying a compilation of Jane Austen for just 18 euros for Ruby's birthday (I didn't eventually because I would have been a half year ahead), to notice the other great books. I bought a little diary for 2013. My previous one ended in August, but since I made it till November, I can make it one month longer without a diary.

And last bot not least, key caps! I was looking for cool key caps for so long, but I couldn't find any, even Urban Outfitter hadn't got any. I bought these Oreo-look-a-likes in the museum shop of the Stedelijk Museum. I still think they're beyond awesome! But I can't get away of trying one now. Yes indeed, I have never tried an Oreo! Don't you agree that they look disgusting? Come on, they're black, like drop. Yuk.


  1. Awesome pics. Love the pretty necklace <3


  2. so jealous would love a trip to amsterdam, looks like you had fun!

  3. SO COOL !
    looks like you had an amazing time and travel and shopping as well !


    xoxo from Japan

  4. Nice recap of your trip
    in A'dam c:
    Haha 'badkuip'. Wel een
    mooie museum lijkt mij!
    Leuke Orea sleutels trouwens!

  5. great post and photos honey, i love itt


  6. Nice pictures

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