2 Dec 2012

Oh Christmas

Oh Christmas.
It's coming closer and closer and normally I'm "filled with joy" because of that. But now I'm not in the Christmas mood at all. I'm even getting stressed when I think about it! Reason? Exams in January and papers that have to be finished in a few weeks. So. Much. Work. Just three more weeks, then it's holiday and then exams al ready! Just three weeks!! See, I'm getting stressed again.
But I'm not going to ruin your Christmas mood. It is one of the best moments of the year. It's present season! And no, I'm not that selfish. :) Getting presents is nice, but the best part is thinking about which presents to give! Prepare your creative powers, cause it's almost time to use them, yay!
Here are some of my favourite things:

1. Urban Outfitters mug
2. Lien Hereijgers via De Invasie scarf Renoir
3. Topshop coat
4. Topshop Sesame street!
5. Topshop Xmas jumper
6. Topshop Elaine cat slippers
7. Topshop socks
8. Urban Outfitters hungover cookbook
9. Amazon One line a day
10. H&M home bath mat

1. Yves Saint Laurent blush
2. Monki Miracle purse
3. Mango Isabelle Marant inspired ankle boots
4. Komono via I/Object Fat Wizard watch in raisin
5. Zara trf
6. Topshop lace ankle socks
7. Topshop brooch
8. Topshop bandeau
9. Lulu Guiness key ring
10. Monki sparky tights (budget version of Bebaroque !)
11. Urban Outfitters wing ear buds
12. Topshop Mixed crystal jumper
13. Monki Laura scarf
14. Anniel via Urban Outfitters shoes
15. Lulu Guiness key ring
16. Comicstore Serial Shoppeuse
17. Topshop wine brocade glitter tights
18. Ever Eden via Glamhouse earrings
19. Topshop boots
20. Hartog & Henneman via De Invasie silverstone earrings
21. Lulu Guiness umbrella
22. COS ring
23. Topshop


  1. Oh die tea bitch mug is geweldig hahaha :-)

  2. Super post!



  3. la la la love your list!
    The shoes are a-ma-zing!



  4. Leuke lijstjes! Tegen die zwarte trui met kristalletjes zou ik geen nee zeggen, en het Hungover Cookbook is gewoon geniaal!

  5. Wat een prachtige collages! Heb helemaal zin in de winter en kerst! Wat hebben julie een leuke blog, ik ben deze blog meteen gaan volgen met bloglovin. Hopelijk nemen jullie ook
    eens een kijkje op mijn blog!

  6. I love your Cozy Christmas items !


    xoxo from Japan


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