19 Dec 2012

The Land of Papers

Hi peepz!
I'm aware of the fact that it's quit silent around here lately. That's because I moved over to the Land of Papers for a while. Luckily this hell is almost over, tomorrow is my last day here! But then it's time to pack my stuff and fly to the Land of Studying. Can you imagine that I'm looking forward to that?! Maybe that makes clear how horrible this Land of Papers is.

Here are some impressions of last December:
Welcome back mister leo coat. Since summer I was so looking forward to wearing this sweety again. It's the most cuddliest thing ever ! And perfect for strolling on the fair on a cold winter evening, when some of our ex-classmates from high school visited us here in Ghent. Minus three persons, our class was almost complete again! It felt like a little reunion. Such a pity that Ruby wasn't there also!

ZARA coat (2011)

But what I will most remember of this month is:







Even more stress.
All those things have one advantage, just one. I'm becoming a pro in making things cozy! Every day the candles are burning (Gift tip for me! ;), blankets here and there and tea. Yes, I'm becoming a tea-drinker. Ruby will be surprised! But I'm still working on my tea skills, as you can see in the picture underneath.

I had a hard time choosing nail polish last week. They must be perfect for a concert I had the day after. On facebook some of you suggested the black one, but in the end I choose another one. The red/pink one became the chosen one. Because I was cold. And because it was a nice warm colour.
The concert went fine, and the other one yesterday also. One more to go now, Saturday!

Collistar, GOSH, Catrice, OPI

Last Friday it was raining cats & dogs. And since my umbrella broke down earlier, and my hat got lost, I had no defence for the rain. So I decided to wear my only hooded coat: mister leopard.
As you can see in the picture, not a very smart idea. I kinda looked like a drowned cat.
But, my hair was still completely dry. Win!

Now I'm up for some Christmas shopping. Toodles !


  1. Your coat does look like a drowned cat in that last photograph, hahaha! That's hilarious. I've always wanted a coat like that but unfortunately, I can't pull it off like you do. Lovely post, dear!

    Happy holidays ♥


  2. your coat is AMAZING

  3. I love that coat! I still remember that I wanted to buy it too, but didn't because I already have too much leopard things haha :) x Marie

  4. Enjoy! I just became the master of that too and also to try to balance everything. My college semester ended, few weeks until the next begins. Cheers and happy Holidays

  5. Beautiful!


  6. The soaked coat is hilarious.:D Good luck studying.;)


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