27 Dec 2012

Christmas mood

Still in the mood for Christmas holidays? Despite my finals, I am!
Yesterday I went to the Christmas Market of our capital Brussels, and it there was a truly amazing atmosphere. It's definitely the best xmas market I've ever been to.

But here are my pics from the beginning of this week. Starting with Christmas Eve, which I celebrated with my father's side of the family!

I painted a snowman for my uncle ! :D
One of my presents, perfect for my home in Ghent!

Christmas day itself was a lazy day. We celebrated it at home, together with my aunt.

This last pic is one of the candle lights my mum and sister made. It's a very easy DIY!
Just take some paper lace doilies and spray some fake snow on it. Be careful though, don't wipe it out.

Now there's just one more thing left to say,

Happy Holidays to you !


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