17 Jan 2013


Guilty. I bought new shoes, again. Normally I'm not much of a shopaholic, on the contrary I'm keeping an eye on my shopaholic-friends! But I can justify my recent boughts. I liked my daily-worn boots from last year so much that I decided to re-buy them. I waited for January, and hoped to buy them in sale, which they weren't, sadly. But then something drew my attention from the corner of my eye. The same heels I liked a couple of months ago, on sale! I don't wear that often heels was my excuse last time, but now 70% cheaper they couldn't be ignored any longer.

heels Mano
The necklace I got from my sister for Christmas. It's actually really handy!
And it's from my niece's jewellery line June.

But maybe those shoes weren't a very smart decision, if I look at my shoes here in Ghent. I'm getting some sort of a déjà vu...


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