29 Jan 2013

Similar but different

To me personally, fashion is about combining your clothes in an original way. I don't like constantly buying new stuff, I will never be a shopaholic, and I have no problem with saving money.  I'm the type that likes to invest in quality, quality above quantity. Aside from bargains of course.
Do you know that feeling that you have nothing to wear? Everyone has had that feeling at least once. I don't have it that often, but I absolutely hate the opposite! When you can't decide what to wear because there is too much choice, you can't choose! Then I imagine those huge celebrity walk in closets, some of their items are only worn once, or maybe never.. That's such a pity, combining items that challenge you is the best part of fashion!

skirt en blouse vintage (Think Twice), cardigan WE, boots Mano

Sometimes combing can work out quite similar, and sometimes completely different.


  1. The floral print on your blouse is gorgeous, and your taste in choosing colours to coordinate with it is exquisite! I love how the floral blouse, golden yellow cardigan and blue denim dress complement each other. You look adorably fetching in that GIF! I love it. It's almost like seeing you live. The photo of you and Ruby together laughing is wonderful. You both look pretty in it. Ruby's dress and flowered headband ore wonderfully girly and feminine, and the floral prints on your blouse and skirt are lovely. I love the ruffles at the shoulders and leggings with floral design bands in the photo with the butterfly on the wall behind you. All of your outfits look beautiful.

  2. very nice shirt <3 it's very pretty and practic! :)

    - A.

  3. I certainly like your philosophy here! I just can't spend too much on clothes when there are thrift stores that I love. in Estonia clothes are incredibly overpriced at stores so when I buy something new from a regular store, it has to be on sale!
    I really like your outfit too. mustard looks wonderful next to floral and classical blue denim.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. nice post ! and nice blog !
    i follow you ! follow me back please

  5. I also think that fashion should be about combining your own pieces together so that you get your own, unique combination. Like that, you can develop your own style. I hate 'it-things' like the Kenzo sweater, I mean .. how unoriginal?
    Nice outfits!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

  6. leuk rokje!
    ik heb dat 'ik heb teveel kleren' idee ook soms wel eens!

  7. Love your natural face and the beautiful big eyes :) the outfit is lovely and very unique! Happy that there are blogs like yours two out there..!

  8. The skirt and the blouse are just peeerfect. Love the 4 combos! *


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