25 Jan 2013

It's almost over

January means finals, finals means studying, studying means study study study study. That is sort of my month summarized. I'm glad it's almost over, but I'm also a bit afraid of the result, since this is my last chance here, and I haven't got a particular good feeling. Anyway, just a few more days and then it'll be vacation! Now that's a thing I like!
I was wearing a true winter outfit. Totally snow proof. Also imagine a pair of white snow boots with a fur collar underneath. This period is mostly filled with pyjama-days, but I dress up for exams!
Also my camera's lens has some trouble focusing lately. I might have to take it to the shop for a check-up, but I'm glad that not all off the pictures are blurry.

Sweater JBC, blouse Zara, skirt (very old) Pepe Jeans, leggings H&M

My philosophers timeline + motivational quotes


  1. Ik kan ook niet wachten tot het gedaan is!!

    Die muur ziet er cool uit :D

    x Denbelle

  2. Je outfit is echt leuk gecombineerd, lekker die colorblockingmood. Me like! Maar je muur.. mind = blown. Ah, geweldig! Hier houd ik echt van. Leuk dat je ook motiverende quotes hebt opgehangen, inspirerend om te zien. Ja.. leren.. bakgjtihj. :r

  3. cool post! i like it! :)



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