7 Sep 2013

A hint of chic

Once upon a time there was a girl, living in a small town. It was right in the middle of summer and several heat waves had past, but today wasn't like that. Today the weather was ok. "It's the perfect moment to grab my new top", thought the girl. So she dressed up in her brand new lace top and a pair of skinny pants. Standing in front of her dresser, looking at her reflection, she saw there was something missing. A drop of colour. So she grabbed her lipstick and painted her lips red. Not too bright, she didn't want to draw attention. But she did like the feeling of lipstick on her lips, so she added her basic coloured MAC lipstick. Looking at her jewellery stand, her eyes fell on those special earrings, the ones her mum bought when she was about the same age, nearly thirty years ago. While putting them on, she spotted her chic Juicy Couture sunglasses. She insisted on wearing them, even though the sun wasn't shining that bright. It all looked perfectly, she thought while nodding her head. But then the girl remembered she just had to go to the supermarket and the post office that day, to buy a stamp for Ruby's birthday card and some last festival essentials. And she concluded that her look was way too chic. After a moment of reflection, she decided to change for a pair of casual jeans shorts, and added some casual old sandals. Thereafter the girl left, perhaps a little overdressed, but still feeling comfortable in her casual chic outfit, to the local post office in her small town.

lace top H&M - jeans shorts ZARA - sandals New Look - sunnies Juicy Couture (c/o Zalando) - earrings vintage Kookaï - nail polish Hema

"Queen of everything"


  1. OOOh, siel! Prachtig geschreven! Ik kon me het al helemaal inbeelden! De look is echt mooi! En de foto's van die blauwe bloemen Ö zooooooooooooo mooi!!!! <3

    1. Oh merci Ru, ge doet me bijna blozen! ^^ See you Monday! :)

  2. It never hurts to dress up a bit when running errands - it makes the day that much better! You look beautiful!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  3. mooi hoor .. en dat bloemenveldje .. geweldig toch !


  4. OOh, dit is zo mooi geschreven!!
    Soms heb ik ook het gevoel van totaal overdressed te zijn, maar who cares?
    En je ziet er prachtig uit!!

  5. Wauw, die zonnebril is zo mooi!

  6. Wauw, die zonnebril is zo mooi!

  7. I like your H&M lace top and your Juicy Couture sunnies, and the setting with all the wildflowers is beautiful.


  8. leuke outfit & mooie locatie!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy


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