24 Sep 2013

This was my summer

Because there suddenly appeared a new post on the 21th, this post had to move a few days later. Sorry for that :)

Summer is officially over now, since it's the 21th of September. Or perhaps on the 24th, but in my eyes the 21th is the first day of autumn. Also my classes start on Monday. A new year, a fresh start it is! So time for a little summer recap. Of course I did a lot more then summarized here, but this were some unforgettable experiences!

I'm starting a little bit ahead of summer, because it was such a magical experience that I had to share it!

Pictures by Jasper
We decided to have a little pick-nick on a most-of-the-time-abandoned airfield while watching the sunset. Quite romantic don't you think? Unfortunately it cooled down really fast afterwards and I was dressed for a hot summer day. So I borrowed a pair of his sweatpants and felt like a hip-hopper while biking home.

Pictures by Katrijn
Pictures by Alexey
One of the first exciting things this summer, going to the festival Copacobana in Ghent with Ruby, Elleke and Katrijn. It' s a two day festival and we had the luck that we all study in Ghent and our dorm rooms are their. Sleeping accommodation: check! On day one it rained cats and dogs but that didn't bother the partying crowd. Despite of the rain there was a very good atmosphere and we danced and danced until the morning light! Ok, maybe a few hours earlier than that. On day two we met a group of international students and for the first time in our lives we talked English the whole evening.

Picture by Lynn
In July I went to one of our many Antwerp dates with my friend Lynn. This time we spend the whole afternoon planning the camp we would give together the next week. And afterwards we made an evening walk around Antwerp including the MAS rooftop.

Picture by Lynn
This summer I gave three camps, as an animator/monitor I mean. Two of them were themed, Fireman Sam-, and Dora and Diƫgo-camp! Great times with buddy Lynn again. :)

Then it was time for another festival! The local Meadownight this time. I helped zhe boyfriend and his friends preparing the one day festival and had a great time the day itself. It's just a bit sad that the evening had to end with a scary storm that reminded a little of Pukkelpop 2011.

Picture by Lynn
Later on it was time for another festival, a bigger one this time, which I was looking forward to the whole year: Casa Blanca. It was really amazing to experience it with my boyfriend for the first time, and with my other great friends too of course! I'm reaaaaally curious to see how my disposable camera pics will turn out!

Another thing that happened a lot apart from festivals were parties! Here we were on a local scouts party: Nacht van de Longman, while waiting for the Belgian group Halve Neuro.

Having a perfect hairday...
...while studying.
Those two things don't go very well together unfortunately.
Then the less fun part of this summer. Resits.

Right after resits my love and I went on a city trip to Budapest! Finally some travelling! There probably will come another post about our journey. But all I can say now is that it was simply amazing!

And here we are now.
Goodbye summer, and welcome autumn!


  1. Wat leuk om te lezen dit! :)
    Aah die foto's van de picknick zien er zo mooi uit, en super dat je al die festivals hebt bezocht! Festivals zijn altijd goed!


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