2 Apr 2014

Bleached white with Blue

At last, another outfit post! The previous one dated the beginning of January, shame on me! In fact I had something similar in 2013 (or was it 2012?). Not a single outfit post, in the same time span. But it was in the period where I posted like ten post a month, so that compensated kinda.
About the outfit, I was happy to dig my Mango pants out of the closet again. I wore it a few times last winter, but I didn't like the contrast with my dark oversized coat, while everyone else was wearing dark clothing. And no, I did not bleach those pants myself. It was happily bought like this! On the picture underneath are today's accessoires listed.

1. pants Mango - shirt C&A Yessica Pure - jacket Promod - bag New Look - choker French Connection - shoe Bullboxer

2. notebook Escher - sunnies Juicy Couture - book Earth's Children by Auel for research, I'm basing a history class on it


  1. You styled a lovely outfit! Your bleached Mango pants make a nice transition to your C&A Yessica Pure green top and Promod jacket. Your makeup looks pretty too.


    1. Oh you noticed the make up, cool! :) I did my best, I'm not the type that wears it on a daily base!

    2. Of course I noticed! I know from doing my own makeup on Halloweens long ago that putting makeup on and taking it back off can take a lot of time and is expensive, but I love the way pretty makeup looks and watch tutorials on it. You applied your makeup beautifully and it looks fabulous.

  2. Wat een geweldige broek! En ooooh, die tas is ook zo mooi!

  3. Zalig die broek! Geeft mij een idee om mijn oude jeans gewoon zo te bleken :D Leuke combinatie en mooie tas :)


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