17 Apr 2014

Wandering through Brussels galleries + Geox

Yesterday I went to Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp in one day. I'm almost starting to feel like a traveler! And then there's school work. Hmpf. Anyway I went to Brussels yesterday to check out the Geox event and do some shopping. My sister was my sidekick this time. Perfect occasion for some outfit pictures?

Vero Moda jacket - vintage pants - Sasha flatforms- H&M earrings - vintage necklace - New Look bag

Trying out a pair of shoes at the Geox store. The lovely pair pictured underneath became the chosen ones. They were so so beautiful, but unfortunately also so so high. There was no platform at the front of the shoe so, and my feet aren't trained to walk on their tip whole the time. And although they were actually quit comfortable, I decided to let them in store. So long, dearest!

PS. There's a shoplog coming up! :)


  1. Amai allemaal in 1 dag!

    Oeeh al benieuwd naar de shoplog! ^^ Je tasje is trouwens super!!

    x Aurélie

    (Feel free to come by, I'm organizing many giveaways this month for the blog b-day ;))

  2. I love the glimpse of the Brussels galleries. You look very well dressed and your vintage necklace is gorgeous. It's nice that you and your sister could visit there together. Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp all in one day? That's fast but interesting traveling. I hope have a happy Spring and do well when your exams come to make up for all the school work.


  3. Leuke outfit en supermooi tasje!

    X Sara


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