14 Apr 2014

Cherry blossoms

Every year I tell myself to take pictures of the cherry blossom trees, to do an extensive photoshoot. Why? Because I live in a street filled with cherry blossom trees! For only two weeks in a year the whole street turns pink. If you went to Google Maps and searched for my street you'd find a street accompanied by big pink dots. Unfortunately there is a new satellite picture of my street lately on Google Maps and the trees are at the end of their flowering period now. But yesterday the boyfriend and I managed to take a few pics of this natural beauty.

The flowers are at the end of their flowering period, more and more leaves are showing up. So now the petals are falling, changing the street in a big pink carpet. You won't hear me complaining!

dress, JBC - cardigan, DIDI


  1. O wauw, je straat ziet er inderdaad heerlijk uit! Wat mooi al dat roze!

  2. What a lot of cherry blossoms! They're beautiful and that's an amazing amout of them there on your street. I'm wondering what kind of cherry trees they are? In one place I lived there were wild cherry trees but when I was young there was a cherry tree in the yard that grew perfect cherries for making cherry pies. Yummy! Your blue dress and red cardigan look pretty styled together - I love your dress! The colour, the look of the fabric and the ruffles at the top are lovely!


    1. Unfortunately there aren't real cherries on these trees, that would have been even better! After googling it the correct English name for these appears to be something similar to the Dutch name, they are Japanese cherrie trees. There are even festivals organized to celebrate it's gorgeous flowering!
      I remember a big cherry tree in the backyard of my grandparents garden, oh those memories... It was the best cherry jam ever. :) And thanks for the compliment!

  3. Lovely pictures!! <3


  4. Dat moet zo leuk geweest zijn om daar foto's te nemen :) Prachtige foto's!!!!


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