13 Nov 2011

Golden skirt, with leopard spots

I'm such a weirdo. It's ok for me to wear two toned tights and the highest heels, but I haven't got the guts to wear animal prints and fur. Why bother you with this little weirdness of me? Well I'm doubting about a skirt that is quite a bit extreme for me. Namely this Versace for H&M skirt.

The price is really affordable (in these circumstances) but the print is rather striking. I do love the model of the skirt, the rather loose cut and the goldish colour of the leopard print. And it would look so chic with black! But when I imagine wearing this skirt I can almost feel the stares. Hmm, what a dilemma.
Anyway, we'll see when it's in stores. Maybe it's even sold out before I can try it on.

Here are my other fav's, unfortunately a bit high-priced for me.

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