28 Nov 2011

Extra Extra!

I'm glad to announce the shoes of the bloggers collaboration with SIX! (see this previous post for more information about the project)
Be fast, cause they are limited editions!

I'm am truly surprised by them actually. Now I hear you thinking: "Surprised? Why? You showed them in the other post!" Well yes I did, and I wasn't really convinced about them. But now seeing them in 'reality', changes my mind completely! They are way, way more beautiful.
See for yourself...


The cherry blossom girl:

Face hunter:

Carolines mode:

Style Salvage:

The man repeller is missing, but she hasn't post hers yet.

What do you think about them?

Sources: the cherry blossom girl, style bubble, facehunter, carolinesmode, style salvage 


  1. love all d shoes!! <3


  2. The Cherry Blossom Girl, die zijn echt prachtig.
    Liefs, xxx


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