1 Nov 2011

A party in Amsterdam

Last week was the Beautygloss party in Amsterdam. Beautygloss is one of the biggest Dutch websites about beauty. I'm following it since a year of 4 - 5 and she (owner Masha) has truly the best beauty tips, she learned me everything I know about beauty :) So when I heard back in August she was going to plan a big event, I definitely wanted to go and I dragged Ruby with me. xD
Altough the ticket prices where quit high, the amazingly heavy goodiebag solved everything!

 Beautiful location: The Koepelkerk in Amsterdam (domed church)
 amazing a capella singers
 beauty stands everywhere
 Ruby's sis decided the day before to join us xD funny because the tickets where sold out since the beginning of September but she hadn't got a problem finding one!
With Masha in a beautiful Karen Millen dress!
Displaying items from her shop: bybeautygloss.nl
 Dutch celebrity Tom Sebastian, who gave the best tips and has hair to be jealous of!
 many many people
and little bracelets

It was nice to be again in Amsterdam :) It's such a gorgeous and friendly city!
And it was even more nice to see Ruby again ! :) I don't see her very often now where on different schools, but we have always so much fun together :D
For her beautiful pics of the party click here.
So that's it,
see ya!

Source pics: Beautyglossparty Facebook


  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    SHOP: www.saboskirt.com
    BLOG: www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  2. jammer dat Ruby en jij elkaar niet meer zo vaak zien, dan is het extra leuk. Leuk dat je erbij was.
    Liefs, xx

  3. Ik vond 't echt belachelijk dat er een evenement kwam van Beautygloss, maar ik moet wel zeggen dat het er tof uit ziet!




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