11 Nov 2011

Walking my fancy shoes

I kinda liked this outfit. I know it's quit simple, but I love the all dark look and the combination with the chic harem pants. And the shoes ooh they're just soo gorgeous! After two months I'm still in love with them, and I look with fear to the day they 'll get damaged.
Little note: this was a few hours before the rope of my bag broke. I charge my laptop for it. But still. It wasn't fun, carrying the bag under my arm while hurrying to school, and then discovering I was one and a half hour late in class. I sort of forgot my less started earlier that day.

shoes River Island - harem pants Steps - leather jacket Bershka (very old) -
circle scarf V&D - bag before the damage  MANGO

While wearing this outfit I was thinking about the fact it would look good with a black jacket like this. So I'd be totally black (my leather jacket is dark brown actually) Or like a short kimono jacket, with wide sleeves.


  1. Die blazer van de topshop is zo leuk.
    Liefs,x xx

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment darlings on my post


    Eda ♥

  3. I like it very chic! Love the black jacket!

  4. you look great, simple, coool and greaaaat!! : ) and that topshop jacket is pureee love!! *


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