11 Jun 2012

I see... part 2!

A while ago I made this post about seeing familiar faces. I really enjoyed making it, and you love it too apparently! With my art history exam coming closer, I had lots of time to take a good look on the paintings, and yes I recognised some faces again!

1. First of al this painting of Paul Revere by John Copley, made in 1776:
It reminded me of Jack Black,
and after some googling I noticed I'm certainly not the only one who has noticed!

2. The next painting is a selfportrait by Angelika Kauffman, 1780-1785:

This made me think of Marieke Dilles in her role of Helena De Keyser,
from the amazing series 'De smaak van de Keyser'.

3. Then a portrait of Judith, by Gustav Klimt, 1901 :

She looks so much like Louise Ebel (misspandora.fr)! It's incredible
These were all the look-a-likes I could find. But there where some more paintings that reminded me of other things.

4. Then the famous Nighthawks 1942, by Edward Hopper:

The empty atmosphere reminded me of a scene in the movie 'Spirited Away'. It's the scene where Chihiro and here parents come in a ghost town, there's no one around. But they were starving so her parents immediately started eating the food that was served. Chihiro feels very uncomfortable with it and went exploring the city. When she comes back, she sees her parents had changed into voracious pigs.

5. This is Horse of Neptune, by Walter Crane, 1892:

I think most Lord of the Rings-fans will link this with the movie :)

6. charcoal drawings by Odilon Redon, 1881:

Was Redon an inspiration for the creative team from Mirrormask? It could be...
Mirrormask is one of my favourite movies, you definitely have to check it out if you haven't seen it!
So, that's it! I hope you enjoyed, at least I did :)
your dearest,


  1. haha wat leuk! examens/moeten leren maakt een mens echt wel creatiever

  2. haha wat leuk! examens/moeten leren maakt een mens echt wel creatiever

  3. Wat apart. Vooral de eerste, je herkent hem er echt in.
    Liefs, xxx

  4. Super post! J'aime ton blog!

    Angela Donava

  5. such great view you´ve got!
    That Jack Black comparison is scaryyy!

  6. absolutely love love love this post!

  7. OMG I remember the other post you did!! OMG this one is even better o0 soooooooo similar!!!

  8. The jack black one cracked me up haha xx


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