14 Jun 2012

Meet my BFF

My laptop is my best friend. (Sorry Ruby!) He is my most loyal buddie and knows all about me. We share several occasions and memories and sometimes he is my memory. He has several nicknames too (not only given by me!) like little apple - appeltje, lappy, little book - boekje. Oh yes, he's my favourite. And thanks to my lappy, I can show you some of the moments from last month.

Here I was having a break from studying. Like always during the studying period my hair annoyed me so I made a quick African style hairdo. Though I think it are the earrings that make it African-style. I started playing around with some make up. Starting with a green eyeshadow palette (Catrice Revoltaire LE) and adding some eye liner. The blush and highliter followed quickly.
Then I tried something I never ever do: eye liner and mascara under the eye. Very unflattering for me.
And still I couldn't stop. The eye liner blinked at me and I added some more liner and a white pencil on my waterline to create really big eyes. That didn't turned out as heavy as I thought so it needed a little bit help at last :)

Life is unfair, definitely.
Every time my hair starts getting greasy and I am planning to wash it immediately the next morning, it is: hello perfecthairday! Veeeerry annoying!
I think I was about five minutes awake here. I mean, come on! Why doesn't this happens on a school day or so? Instead of a random studyday morning, and I'm about to wash!
Here I was enjoying sunshine for the first time in my room, a very special moment. I always assumed my window was in the North cause I never ever saw the sun shining through the glass. Turned out that I was wrong. In summer, around 10 PM, I have 1 metre of sunshine, on my wall, yay !


  1. you look soo pretty in these webcam pics, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon :)


  2. Great post!!!!!!!!!!
    Angela Donava

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  4. Hahaha loved this photobooth and your comments.

  5. ahahahh SO TRUE! My hair always looks FAB in non interesting days! Days I have to stay home..or I'm sick...When I realllyyyyy need it to be cool it seams I can't do anything with it!!!


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