27 Jun 2012

Outfit quest

Big concert coming up Thursday! (tomorrow already!!) The expectations will be high, my heart will be beating like crazy, s it will all depend on the outfit to keep my confidence level high and the stress level low. And knowing that Ruby will be in the audience for moral support will help too. Yep that's right, my dearest best friend Ruby and I will meet again tomorrow after such a long time. I'm looking forward to it !

In the middle of a wardrobe crisis I decided that it was time for something new. I was thinking about a LBD (my first one!), a Little Black Dress that I can combine in a zillion ways. Once a statement necklace, once a belt, perhaps a scarf in a casual outfit. You understand what I mean.

My quest yielded some unexpected results though:

1. ZARA jumpsuit, preferably black, seems to be sold out everywhere unfortunately :(
2. ZARA knitted dress, still an option!
3. H&M dress
4. H&M dress
5. H&M dress, basic lbd just like I was looking for but still have my doubts
6. ESPRIT dress, love love love the orange version, but I don't think it will match my hair colour
7. DIDI dress

I styled the ones from H&M (don't we all looove H&M's online fitting room!). And that was exactly the style I had in mind, inclusive the neon necklace. But now I fear I won't be able to wear it. I have to find it first, and then it has to survive my critical look. You'll see, probably I will be wearing something completely different! :)


  1. I love the white crochet jumpsuit! These are all great looks, I love the musical theme perfect for the concert!

  2. Oooh, I love the second and fourth dress, but agree that they would look lovely in black!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  3. Super post!j'aime beaucoup!
    Angela Donava

  4. Lres robes sont tres belles! J'adore la robe rouge!

    Angela Donava

  5. Wat heb je gekozen uiteindelijk?
    Het jumpsuit is mijn favoriet, maar die heb ik dan ook zelf en vind ik één van mijn beste aankopen de laatste tijd dus ;)


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