9 Jun 2012

This week was all about

... loving my new studded blouse from zara.
I've been wearing it way too much, but it looks good on everything.

... buying this cute little olive oil bottle, from Dille & Kamille.
Perfect for my place in Ghent.

...worrying about today's flute examination.

... studying art history.
You'll notice in some of the following posts.

... mentally prepare for the amount of the following examen:
the whole history of architecture.
(read: beginning from the Greeks and ending with Mies van der Rohe
in our own time, those people are insane !!)

Just two more exams to go, and then:


  1. Veel succes met je examens.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. That studded blouse is so cute! =)


  3. zotte posts!
    Die van de kunst is zalig! En je kent spirited away nog ^_^
    nog succes met de twee examen
    I heb er nog 4 te gaan van de 6 afgelegde ^-^


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