18 Feb 2013

An unexpected journey

My sister asked me very last minute to go on a ski trip. She begged me for years if I wanted to go skiing with her. Last weekend she desperately begged on her knees, while crying: "Siel, please come with me, I'll do anything for you!"
Lol, no that's not what happened. She offered to drive abroad for a one-day-ski-trip. I think it's pretty amazing she wanted to drive a four hour ride, and after all those years I finally said yes! A couple days later we went off to Germany, to Winterberg if you might wonder. The alarm clocks were set on 5 am and on 5h30 am we were ready to go (5 minutes later to be precise, because of me of course). A double disc CD of Michael Jackson accompanied by childhood travelling memories guided our way.

Germany (or at least this part) has a beautiful rolling landscape with hills. But compared to what I'm used to, they rather look like the Himalayas! During the ride I went experimenting with my camera for a while. It was pretty fun to do, aside from the weird stares from some villagers now and then.

This picture was taken at 16:47. The time of arriving back home according to Mr. Garmin was 20:18, which became at least an hour later.
 I've been stalking the red car in front for a while, I hope he didn't mind.

And as the end of the story I can tell you that I fell just once! The other time at the ski lift obviously doesn't count.
I had everything perfectly under control, but the snowboarder next to me didn't, and he started a chain reaction, which I narrowly escaped, until my other neighbour joined the club of falling people, which was so cool that I had to join too. And that's how I fell. But that one didn't count!


  1. That's wonderful that you and Ruby finally went skiing together and that you were not hurt by your fall or the snowboarder's loss of control on the ski lift. Did Ruby do the driving or did you take turns? The scenery is lovely. It's nice having the camera handy. Did you see those videos of the meteor - meteorite coming down in Russia? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the first photo in this post. I'm surprised that the villagers weren't more used to cameras - or maybe they weren't used to seeing two such pretty girls. I'm glad you had a nice ski trip.

  2. Hi! Cool blog and photos! I greet:) Iwona

  3. What a charming town & pretty photos! Sounds like a lovely ski trip - I haven't been on one of those for years!

  4. Superleuk zo'n skitripdagje :D Mooie foto's van het landschap! De bergen en sneeuw zien er altijd zo vredevol uit :)


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