22 Feb 2013

Present section

The Swing by Fragonard and another favourite of mine, Ophelia by Waterhouse.

A couple weeks ago I visited Ruby again. It was time to exchange some very late Christmas presents and an enormously late birthday present for her. Yeah, sorry again Ru!
We had -like always- a great time together. And oh I wish I could see her more! But I see her tomorrow, that's something! Tomorrow on my birthday we're gonna dance and dance and dance until the morning light!
Now back to the present section. I wanted to show you some of the adorable things Ruby gave me! Some deliciously smelling candles, a perfect gift for a candle-person like me. A watercolor version of one of my favourite paintings, The Swing. And a beautiful floral dishware set. Thanks again, Ru!


  1. How pretty! Scented candles? The paintings and the frames they are in are beautiful. The wildflower glazed dishware (with tea mug) is pretty too! (not as pretty as Ruby herself of course) How sweet of her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And a very belated Happy Birthday to Ruby too! I hope both of you are having/had a wonderful time dancing.

  2. Thank you so much! It was amazing, and we had a great time! And I'm sure Ruby had a wonderful birthday too, moooonths ago. :)

  3. lovely pictures! i bet it was a great time! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  4. so pretty photos )
    have a nice day )

    Angela Donava

  5. Oh dat kopje is super cute!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

  6. What a pretty selection of gifts! I just love the painting of the swing, it's so sweet :)

  7. oh so good! dancing until the sunrise! The watercolor painting is very very pretty :) *

  8. Mooie foto's en superleuke gifts! Jammer dat jullie elkaar niet zo vaak kunnen zien maar dat maakt de tijden dat jullie wel kunnen afspreken waarschijnlijk dubbel zo speciaal :)


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