14 Feb 2013


First of all, Happy Valentine !

Though it doesn't feel like valentine over here, it's grey and rainy and rather the opposite of cosy. The fact that I have an appointment to talk about my depressive grades in a minute, wont help either.
I have quite a lot on my mind lately, aside from my grades, good things luckily. Memories, things yet to be happen and taken care of. It seems like an endless list.
Last week I had vacation, and man, it was a good one! Seeing all my friends again, seeing Ruby again! And talking, and talking, and talking. I'm actually surprised I still got my voice. The side effect is that I don't remember very well what I said to whom. So hereby I apologize al ready if I say things twice. It's like I've got a double dose after a month of minimum real-life social contact. But here we are, a new semester - it almost feels like a whole new year - and I'm ready to go!

My mum has been busy lately crocheting. I think they are truly amazing and I couldn't pass this opportunity to show you her creations. Just look at those details, they seem so difficult! And still she finishes one or more on one evening. My favourite one is the white flower (at the top and bottom), that one looks more realistic because of it's stem (steeltje).


  1. Your mum does lovely crocheting - the crocheted white flower is beautiful. Good luck with the new semester. I'm glad you got to see Ruby again. You must miss her a lot while you're away. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

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    kisses WTF! STREET STYLE !!!

  3. these are amazing :) your mum is very talented! x


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