26 Feb 2013

Girls and hair

Making a small Gaga hair bow
 And untying it
Crazy volume by flipping my hair to the other side
Back to normal, with my braid-like thing

While strolling through my laptop I stumbled on a couple pictures from last month.
Procrastination is one of my hobbies during exam period and this is a perfect example. Looking at the details of these pictures I can see that they're from the 28th of January, the day before an exam I narrowly passed, 2h30 am. So rather the night before an exam. Yes, I am that horrible at studying. But hey, breaks are allowed too now and then!


  1. really sweet photos (: love your natural look and beautiful hair!

  2. Your hair looks pretty in all of the photos. I love the "Crazy volume" photo and the Lady Gaga bow. Are you one of Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters"? I've been following Gaga for quite a while. Back when I first started blogging I Googled "panties" and up came Lady Gaga's name. I've been following her fame seeking career ever since. I procrastinate too. In fact I rarely studied in school. Those are fun pictures on your laptop.

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  4. not horrible! super cute! Hair number 3 looks veryyy fab!!!! *

  5. I see I'm not the only one who likes to play with hair :D I do love this first photo <3 Absolutly adorable <3


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