3 Mar 2013

Beauty and the Beast?

Hello, this is Ruby speaking after a long time again. Happy B-day to you again Siel! I had an amazing time and I hope you had too. ^-^

It so hard to meet with Siel, because of school work, but I hope we can meet more often because being with here is just way to much fun. I can't find anybody else who can make me feel so happy, so thank you Siel! ^-^ Besides. Some crazy picture are up for today. Ruby with a blond wig, never seen that before, huh! Perhaps... you did a long long long, time ago, but this one definitely suites me much better. Do you guys ever wear wigs just for fun? I think I have 4 in total now and it's fun. (but warm -.-" and my hair gets messy of it.)
Besides hair, I adore this teacup/pot! It's from zalando, and they really have to most amazing stuff! Like this teacup/pot which looks  like the one of Beauty and the Beast, don't you agree? Yeah and me as teacup and teapot lover, know that I keep collecting till I have no space anymore and have to upgrade the house, but this one has definitely deserved a nice place! There are more nice cups there, so you should take a look. Besides that they also have clothes and jewellery, shoes... Have fun checking the site out!

Miss Etoille teapot (Zalando)


  1. OMG Ruby, you look absolutely adorable! It looks like you just stepped out of a fairytale! It's so nice to see you posting on this blog again! No, I'd never seen you in a blonde wig before. It's pretty. Your blouse is pretty with its white trim, cuffs and collar and I LOVE your lacy skirt!!! It looks lovely with your dark hosiery. I'm so glad you and Siel could be together. I haven't worn a wig just for fun in decades, but in the city of Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. they have a "Wig Day" once a year when lots of people wear wigs just for fun including to work! I can't get over how pretty you look. I'm surprised you haven't been discovered and become a world famous supermodel yet. It would not surprise me if that happened. You look AMAZING!

  2. Wow that wig looks great on you! you look like Alice from Alice in Wonderland! :D
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

  3. @ Panty Buns: Waw speaking of a major compliment! I'm sure Ruby will be absolutely flattered when she reads this!
    She had actually won a modelling contest last week, but noticed it too late unfortunately. But I'm sure she will have her break through once!
    And "wig day" sounds pretty fun. I wish people here would organise something like that!


  4. I loveeee it!!!!
    Do you want to follow each other ?:)
    Let me know :)

  5. omg I didn't recognize Ruby at first! The blond wig looks really realistic!! Love the photos, they're beautiful and you are both so gifted! (model & photographer)
    What I like most about the outfit, are the tights and shoes but the whole look is so incredibly cute!!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. It's perfect! Could be out of a fashion magazine :)


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