11 Mar 2013


Good evening this is Siel from Two Wonder Girls with today's weather report.
Yes, I want to dedicate a blogpost about the weather. I guess I am that superficial. But you have to admit that the weather lately is a bit strange over here. Last week I was ready to take out my sunnies al ready. I grabbed the first pair that I could find and threw it in my bag. Unfortunately I was just too late to enjoy the wonderful spring weather. On day one I was practising with a driver instructor. (tip: If you're in Ghent next Thursday, keep away from the roads!) And I spent day two entirely in an auditory. You'll understand that I was a little disappointed with the grey and drizzling weather afterwards. My sunglasses are stored again, but this won't let me down. I still see some positive aspects! Let's see:

  • Well hello fur coat! I was about to put you away, but it seems that your last days aren't over this year. Aww yeah!
  • One last chance to go playing in the snow. Snowmen, snowballs, ... here I come ! 
  • I'm not tired of my winter closet yet. Some specific items can be worn only in this period of the year,  so I have to hurry! But I'll try avoiding this.
  • The closet in my dorm room (or clothes rack actually) is still filled with winter clothing. That's handy, very handy!
  • I was planning to wear heels whole week, to test which pair is most comfortable on a special occasion on Friday eve! Brr I guess it will be boots again.
  • Yeah I was really looking forward to the heels thing. I don't often wear heels, especially in winter, but I loved wearing them again last week. Heels can provide a sudden boost of femininity and confidence.
  • Some sunshine and more pleasant temperatures would be better for my annoying cold. I'm tired of coughing and snot. Snot, isn't that a great word? It was so awesome to find out it's the same word in English!
Final conclusion:
An extra week of winter, snow, soup, candles, blankets, ... That doesn't sound so bad! (Forgetting about the fact that it's a bit strange after a week of warm spring weather.) But bring on the sun again afterwards! I want to wear sunnies and floral patterns and summer coats again!


  1. I'm laughing. I just found out that I know one word in your language: snot.
    Example: I was hoping it would be easy to breathe clearly through my nose but it's snot. Free glue!
    I had to look up Ghent in Wikipedia to find out where it was.
    I recently read a post from another blogger I follow, Rachel of Black Sheep titled "Off to Belgium".
    She was taking the Eurostar to visit Brussels last week. Is that warmer than Ghent? Hopefully I'll read about that later.

    That tinypic.com image you linked to of the kid with a gazillion layers on is funny.

    I hope you take care of yourself and get completely rid of your cold in time to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather as soon as it returns.
    I LOVE Spring!!! (and I'll be looking forward to (hopefully) Spring posts from you and Ruby. :)

  2. Leuk dat er toch nog iemand de leuke kantjes aan dit weer ziet, voor we het weten is het dan weer zomer!


  3. Bon choix ces lunettes :)




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