22 Mar 2013

Like a princess

I'm getting more and more into dark lipstick lately. I'm crazy about this and this. But when I tried it myself I noticed that my darkest lipstick isn't as dark as I thought. No problem, let's try something else! I added a Rituals lip gloss with the applicable name Ruby and it became a beautiful shade of cherry red. Together with my (at the moment) curly hair and flowered tiara I felt like a princess!

Also a little outfit sneak peak. It was a normal day for college and lazy me didn't feel like dressing up in the morning, so it became a simple pink-ish tee with purple-ish pants. Luckily the nail polish Ruby gave me last week brought salvation with a hint of mint.

pants, t-shirt and tiara (old) H&M 
nail polish (Miss Minty) Gosh - lipstick (Perfecto) Dior Addict - lipgloss (Ruby Blossom) Rituals


  1. The photos are really beautiful ;)


  2. Echt, die kleuren staan jou echt goed c;
    Donker lippenstift past u echt super c:

  3. You look great in the darker lipsticks! I find them harder to wear but I think I just need get used to wearing other shades!


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