6 Mar 2013

A hidden gem

JBC is a store that is seriously underestimated by the young folks here in Belgium. They don't seem to notice it, they aren't interested, they have forgotten about it. I can count all my friends who visit their store now and then on one hand. But I understand why, despite JBC's attempts for a fresh new image most young people see it as a boring family store. A place to go shopping when you were a kid or for your parents. FALSE. They have proven to be young and dynamic. Remember their multiple collaborations with De Designers (Belgium's Project Runway), or Christophe Coppens? And last fall's collaboration with Alice Temperley and Kaat Tilley? That's not bad at all, on the contrary!

I'm going to prove to you that JBC is a cool and trendy store. Even so much that my mother starts to complain that it's "just for the young folks". These lookbook pictures from the current collection remind me that I urgently have to visit one of their stores!

La Fille d'O for JBC

Spring/summer 2013

Nevertheless, I see JBC as a hidden gem. The lack of visits from my generation causes that the best pieces (in my humble opinion) and sizes remain in store. So shhh, don't tell too many people!


  1. Ik was deze winkel eigenlijk al een beetje vergeten, vroeger stopte ik er wel nog eens. Die nieuwe collectie lijkt echt de moeite waard om toch eens langs te gaan!

  2. Misschien komt het door het feit dat ze vaak buiten het centrum zitten. Mooie collecties idd!

  3. Oh, my! The collections at La Fille d'O for JBC are stunning and not boring at all. They are very much fashion-forward haute couture. They carry quite a range of pretty looks (and some racy lingerie). All of these fashions are pretty. I like the outfit in the first photo, floral print and the peplum myself. The flexibility in the second photo is amazing. I'll try to refrain from telling too many people on my lingerie fashion blog Full Brief Panties (it will be difficult not to), but if you leave a comment there it's possible some of my fellow fashionistas may find their way back to your post here. JBC is quite a gem!

  4. Very nice! I have to check one of their stores next time I'm in Brussels!

  5. Super idee, om foto's van tijdschriften te gebruiken. moet ik misschien eens over nadenken :)
    Maar ik wou er echt foto's instoppen van mijn familie/vrienden. Echt als herinnering.
    Maar ik wil sowieso met tijd de muur uitbreiden met kadertjes, nu heb ik er nog maar 9.
    Ik zet sowieso een foto op mijn blog dan.

    Streepjes, zucht. Ik hou van streepjes. Ik ben maar al te blij dat ze weer op en top in de mode zitten. het is natuurlijk altijd al een klassieker geweest. Ze zullen nooit helemaal weg zijn maar nu zijn ze overal te vinden in verschillende stijlen :) geweldig!
    Ik moet nog eens langs de JBC gaan!


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