5 Sep 2010

80th Birthday

My grandma's eightieth birthday was today. So we went for a visit :)

My grandma took a hot for my dad but he wasn't so happy with it xD He won't let me take a good picture of him with the hat! He took it off after a 3seconds ore something xD

I haven't a good outfit picture I'm sorry, this is it
But If you're still interested in that little piece you can see, I'm wearing a vintage H&M dress. When I wear it the next time I will make sure I take a good picture ;)

Now I go painting, tomorrow I will give a preview of it :)


  1. Dat vind ik een goeie een over mij pagina!
    Hihi ik zal dat gaan maken bedankt!

  2. Gefeliciteerd met je oma. Ik ben benieuwd. Mooie foto's btw. Liefs, xxxx

  3. your hair is so beautiful!



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