6 Sep 2010


I found some old webcampictures of Ruby and me (with a friend). Those days we where all inseparable. Much things have happened since then but Ruby and I stayed always friends. Sometimes very close other times less close, but now we're closer than ever! :D
Little note: these pic's are taken about three years ago (when Ruby's hair was still long! And mine shorter then hers, that's really a while ago! Ö)

Sorry Ru, but this one had to stand here! xD

good maker ;)


  1. Great post! I really like these photos! Awesome!


  2. This is so cute! I think Ruby looks a little like Natalie Portman with this hair cut:)

  3. yeah, good maker -.-" doesn't make it good at all dear XD
    whaha :D no it's funny to see them again XD whahah
    and jip! Closer than every!!! =D


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