7 Sep 2010

School starts and there goes the spare time

What I've been up to lately:

Going to school again! (since 1 September already)
Trying to write a song that I love, I have some troubles with that like yo see.
A piano is very handy in such cases.

Painting (this is the tree from a few posts lower)
Practising for the flute lessons.

Sorry for the phone-pic's but my camera was downstairs and this is just easier x) Don't worry mostly I take my camera!

Siel x


  1. Loads of luck writing the song! I really hope we get to hear it when it's finished :D xxx

  2. mm./.. schooll saaie dagen weer!
    hihi taart is inderdaad beter!

  3. Succes op school. Ik moet maandag voor het eerst weer. :P Maar de foto's zijn nog best goed. Ik heb helaas geen camera. dus alles gaat bij mij met de telefoon. Liefs, xxxx

  4. I love writing songs and painting! I can relax why I´m doing this and I´m so inspired of everything around me!


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