15 Sep 2010


Yesterday our arthistory lesson was about fauvism. There was some time left at the end and our teacher suggested to draw each other in fauvistic style. En a good student as she is ;) Ruby started immediately to draw me! Two other classmates too, so I had to be a model for a while. I eventually got 2 of the drawings. Watch and see ...
The colours are brighter normally! It's in fluo

me (older picture)
Cato's version

Ruby's version (old version of me!)

Example of fauvism. (Matisse)


  1. Fauvism looks like such an interesting style, I love the colours and brush strokes in that painting, I wish I knew more about art!! That photo is really lovely by the way!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. oeh gave wilde tekeningen ;D

  3. He wat een mooie tekening zeg :) ! Die Ruby heeft volgens mij best wel talent :) !

  4. Great Pictures! :) It's a lovely blog you have here. & thanks for your comment on my newest post. xx, Alice from bells and whistles
    Ps: If you want to follow my blog I would be glad. Of course I don't expect that from you. :)

  5. such a cool work!
    thak you for your comment
    and you have such a good style
    love the jumpsuit below!

  6. Ahahah
    My art history lessons weren't so interesting...
    The pictures are great


  7. Wooh, hele mooie tekeningen. Ruby heeft echt wel een talent hierin. Liefs, xxx


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