19 Dec 2011

Heart touching romance and womanly softness

It is a long time ago since I talked about art. And cause I'm studying art history, it's almost my duty to talk about it. :) (What doesn't mean it's an obligation for me, not at all)
I stumbled coincidentally on the painter Waterhouse once. Since then, it never let me go. I love the heart touching romance and womanly softness in his works.
Here are my favourites:

1. Ophelia - from Shakespeare's Hamlet
2. Diogenes - an ancient cynical philosopher (you should google him, there are the best anecdotes about him!)
3. The (water)nymph Undine
4. Ophelia again
Waterhouse has totally blown me away with this beautiful Ophelia. I love the whole atmosphere, it gives me such a spring/holiday feeling. She is so relaxed, musing a bit about who knows, maybe Hamlet?
5. Miranda - from Shakespeare's the Tempest
6. Juliet
I love this painting. It's a beautiful portrait, with a bit childish looks. That's new, but that gives a value here I think. It made her look more innocent, maybe even a little insecure. And the background fits perfectly in my image of an ancient Italy

And of course all of them are great inspiration.

source pics: wikipedia

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  1. Mooi! Ik heb het zelf niet zo op kunst enzo, maar als ik 't zo zie vind ik het wel heel mooi. :)


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