14 Dec 2011

Just like Sinterklaas

Bringing the Christmas atmosphere at my place :) Cute don't you think? ^^

Check the giant ferris wheel at the background!
That was yesterday. And today I recieved a package, awesome !
Just by liking a facebookpage (months ago I think, I can't really remember). I received a message that I won a headphone of the brand Rocking Residence. It said I could choose the one I wanted. And tadaaaa !
Actually I wasn't sure if it was real, it could be spam or something x)
So I was very happy when I received a note in my mailbox, saying that a package was arrived.
I got a giant box at the reception of my building and oh yeah, there was my headphone! Awesome.

Funny actually, cause I often doubted about buying him. And now I got it for free :D


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