28 Dec 2011

The Rainbow of Italy

The Rainbow of Italy or L’Arcobaleno d’Italia is a futuristic (as in futurism, the art-movement) stage play that I'd like to share with you because of its wonderful fantasy. Wonderful - Two Wonder Girls, get the hint? ;)
The Futurists are know for their 'Synthetic theatre', which is very short but filled with impressions, ideas and symbols. I'll give you an easy example of a symbol: patriotism. You will definitely spot that in the text!

For once I'm really happy that I write this blog in English, so it don't have to be translated word by word!
(Though I did actually, to understand it perfectly for my paper, but I didn't wrote that down)

And I made a picture to make things clear if it's a bit too difficult. :) Please don't mind my drawing skills! It was late when I made this, very late. I even regret the precious study time I spent on it a bit :/

the oversized arrow describes the direction you have to look!

I hope you haven't been so stupid to view the picture first! (don't be ashamed I would do the same)
Cause that would have ruined your whole image of the play. You must read it with your own imagination and fantasy. This picture is as support for if you don't understand the text very well.

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