7 Dec 2011

Let me introduce you

I present you a new blog!
Her style is absolutely stunning, quelle inspiration!
And yes that's French. Probably the only French sentence I understand.
(No, not really true) I'm just tired of trying to translate some complicated French text for school!
I'm thinking of taking it to my grandpa, who's way better in the French language then me.
Anyway, I'm straying off the subject. And that was a new blog!
May I introduce you to stylorectic, an Austrian girl with a splendid style.
See for yourself:

This is my absolute favourite! The combination of a plain bright shirt with a neutral grey but special minimalistic skirt, and then the futuristic see-through handbag and the minority of jewellery, just a simple yet amazing golden choker. God I love golden details xD
Orange with gold is one of my favourite combinations, it's so chic!
This outfit, somehow doesn't fit in. But I think it's cute :)

I want a skirt like that very badly! Preferably black and white instead of brown :)

Isn't this the perfect summer outfit?
I'm loving the combination of the bright printed shorts and geeky blouse.

Isn't it a great inspiration !

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