10 Jan 2012


I just stumbled on this funny song !
It's from an Englishman who lived in Belgium for several years. I feel a bit patriotic while listening it, haha. It's a great ode to Belgium. The title is "potverdekke", which you can translate in something like "damn", "bloody"or "goddamned".
It appeared to be a giant hit in Belgium, in the late nineties. But I didn't noticed anything. Maybe I was too young back then :)

And I really laughed my head off with this interview with Adele ! Hahaha you must see it !
I love Ushi interviews with celebrities xD

or this one with Amerika's next topmodel's catwalk coach !

Hahahaha I'm still laughing ! You'll understand why my study books haven't seen me so much as they should today ;)


  1. haha love it, ook nog nooit van gehoord :)

  2. Nee ik vind het of dat je het zegt, want in mijn kunstboek staat maar een klein deel :)
    Ps: wij willen in de zomer een picknick doen a la Marie Antoinette (wat hedendaagser natuurlijk) en a la de rococo. Wil jij meedoen?

  3. Nooit van gehoord maar inderdaad best grappig. Veel succes daar!

    X, Sarah

  4. ahahahah ahahah poor Adele!!!! so funny!!


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