24 Jan 2012

I see...

In the very beginning of this blog Ruby and I liked to discuss our art history lessons here. We talked once about the similarity between Munch and Tim Burton's characters. Now high school is over we've both gone other ways (still studying art though). But I noticed some things lately which I absolutely wanted to show you, in memory of those old days. :)

It all started when I stumbled on this picture:
Female study by John W. Waterhouse, 1894, source: wikipedia

She reminded me of Anna Boleyn in the television series of The Tudors. (Natalie Dormer)

Then I saw this painting:
The Northwest Passage by John E. Millais, 1878, source: wikipedia
The first thing that came up in my head was Kate Winslet!
pics from the lovely movie Finding Neverland
Then while studying for an exam lately I noticed something special about the next painting.
Sisyphus by Titian, 1550, source: wikipedia
Get a closer look...

 I present you...

TOOTHLESS from the movie How to train your dragon !
And then it got even worse!
I started seeing faces, or at least one face, in my bread bag !!
(If you have a better word for it or you can assume me that bread bag is a proper word please tell me! :p )

Now the big question is,
Am I becoming crazy ?

Slightly worried greetings,


  1. ahahahahhaahhahahh ahahahhahaha the face you draw is amazing!! I really saw it too after seeing the second picture!!! And the paintings really remind Kate and Anna Boleyn. You are so clever!! : ) not joking at all!

  2. Wow! Les photos sont superbes!

    Angela Donava

  3. haha you're not becoming crazy, you have a creative mind ;) ken je die filmpjes waar bepaalde scènes steeds terugkeren in verschillende disney films?

  4. Oh zalig! :D je moet er zeker veel studeren voor kunstgeschiedenis? Een vriendin van me heeft dat vorig jaar ook gestudeerd (ze is wel gestopt omdat het veel te moeilijk was!) Hopelijk gaat het jou beter af ;-)
    (btw; je doet er mij aan herinneren dat ik dringend nog eens een museumbezoekje moet placeren)

  5. Hahahah wat geweldig x'] echt zoo grappig, ik ging stuk toen ik je gezicht-zak zag :P

  6. hihi, ik heb in scrooge gespeeld. weet niet of je het kent. met erik van muiswinkel (beroemde cabaretier en speelt hoofdpiet in sinterklaas journaal) x

  7. ahahah this is awesome!!
    dope!! i ke ur smarts


    follow me it would make me so happy

    In love and happiness :)


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