26 Jan 2012

Tagged again

We're tagged by Maria from keepgoingthegoodwork. Thank you so much darling! Normally I'm not so much into the tagging thing, but it might be fun for you, if you like to learn some more about us :)
So we'll give up our "precious" study time for a while and fill in these questions.

1. Who's your biggest hero?
Siel: Alix, Betty, Jane, Ivania, ...
Ruby: Fashionzen, Cherry Blossom Girl, WishWishWish,...

2. Describe yourself in one word.
Siel: Mmm difficult. I guess I'll take lady
Ruby: Dreamer *-*

3. Do you regret something badly?
Siel: I once called a girl fat on a social network site when I was about 14 I think (she was a classmate of a friend of mine). Afterwards I noticed she checked my profile (I didn't know she was even on that site) and I felt sooooo guilty! Still actually. Every time I see her I feel deeply ashamed and hope that she has forgotten.
Ruby: Mmm... I think I always feel guilty when I have been mean to someone, and I really regret those moments because, the band with that person most of the time never gets healed, but I hope I'm not mean very much =P

4. Do you like brand clothing?
Siel: I have to admit I do. But I can be completely happy with vintage items also. I love everything ;)
Ruby: Yes, I'm longing for my first Prada shoes, but I'm satisfied with cheap items :)

5. Are you happy with yourself?
Siel: Yes, most of the time I am. I'm not perfect, I do have complexes, but I can live with that. Nobody is perfect.
Ruby: Sometimes, and sometimes not. It really depends on how I'm feeling that day.

6. What was your biggest fail?
Siel: My public exam (of the secondary grade) of flute. Big fail due the nerves. Also had to do a piece by heart, and had a total black out. Worst. Moment. Ever.
Ruby: I follow Siel's answer, my exam Art History, I had a black out and I can't even believe I forgot everything. It feels so bad when you sit before your teacher and you don't know what to say anymore. It gives me the chills when I think about it again.

7. What's your favourite music genre?
Siel: Hmm I love almost all of them, but some rock and roll or other vintage-like music always makes me happy. :)
Ruby: I love a lot! Soundtracks, Classic, at the moment I really adore the music of Phriscila Ahn!

8. When was the last time you laughed loudly?
Siel: It wasn't the last time, but it was something I won't forget. :) I asked my dad the day before New Year's Eve if he wanted to drive me home then. He answered sighing: "You wont have a boyfriend by then?"
Ruby: I think me and my twin can always laugh loudly about the most silly things!

9. Which moments you'll never forget?
Siel: Holidays end camps are the best <3
Ruby: I hope I will never forget good times!

10. What are your hobbies?
Siel: Music! I play the flute for 10 years now (Uhh that sounds like a lifetime!) and another flute (blockflöte in German) for 9 years :) But further I love reading and learning new things about fashion.
Ruby: I stopped ballet after 13 years, and now I don't actually have a hobby anymore. Perhaps one called school.

11. What makes you happy?
Siel: When Ruby and I are getting crazy about some creative idea. We can talk about it for hours and constantly inspire each other :)
Ruby: I agree with Siel! Those moments are the best! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading!

Siel & Ruby


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