1 Jan 2012

Trend predictions of 2012

Yay, my first post this year!

And now the trend predictions of 2012. (I warn you I'm not that good in it haha, decide for yourself!)
Like someone said on the previous post it will be pretty much the same as last year.
The colour blocking trend was huge last year, so I think it will decrease more and more.
And finally it might lead to white, yes bright white! With a touch minimalism probably, and a touch of neon possibly.
H&M ss 2012 (loove the skirt and dress!)
Also snakeskin had his chance, but didn't made it. So bye bye snaky! Even space prints may have come to their peak and go down, and down, and down.
Maxi skirts will be adapted more and more. Welcome assymetric skirts, see through skirt, skirts with special cuts, etc. Like it started in 2011, it will break through and become very hip in 2012.
Stockholm streetstyle for Forever 21 (Antwerp)
lookbook: Mayo Wo
edit: Even Andy introduced the new year with an assymetric skirt! So, am I right or am I right about the trend? :D

And of course this is just the beginning, 2012 will be filled with trends. I'm looking forward to it, I hope you're too ! Have a great 2012 !

Love, Siel

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  1. Leuke post, vind die asymmetrische en maxi skirtsecht mooi!

  2. That neon dress is awesome!

  3. I love these trend predictions! Happy new year!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Ik zie wel wat het nieuwe jaar brengt :)

  5. I love those chiffon skirts, i definitely want one this year :D

  6. love the neon dress!



  7. love this post! and all of the trends :)

  8. can't wait to go minimal neon!! Love, love this trend!! <3

  9. That white leather vest (second picture) from H&M is gorgeous! I've been seeing it everywhere these days and I just can't get it out of my head :) ! And off course maxi skirts, big fan of those :) !


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